Basel’s major museums invite art connoisseurs to engage in an exciting encounter with works of art. A multitude of small off-spaces additionally contribute to the extraordinary reputation of Basel as a city of art. A Roland for an Oliver presents the city’s multifaceted offer as a clearly organized mosaic which becomes a guided tour through the art landscape of Basel. Such an overview of most independent, noncommercial art spaces and projects, both analog and digital platforms, forms an accessible orientation within the Basel art scene for national and international visitors alike, and at the same time, communicates its diversity.
Dominik Denzler and Samira Liebendörfer are primarily responsible for the project. Claire Hoffmann and Alice Wilke — from the project deuxpiece —
support it from a curatorial and editorial point of view.

If you know about other project spaces or projects in Basel (BS, BL) that would be suitable for this platform please let us know via:

The following project is a helpful source for people in the creative field in Basel:

OFFCUT – Market for Materials
OFFCUT is a NPO that provides creative people of all kind with reuseable offcuts, over-runs and art & craft materials, all rescued before their disposal.
The «OFFCUT – Market for Materials for Creative Reuse» offers inexpensive and high-valued materials, such as stage fabrics, advertising tarps, marble paper, artificial flowers, leather offcuts, and much more. The Secondhand-shop is an inspiring material pool and networking space for project initiatives.
The «OFFCUT Club» is an educational program with various workshops, where the principles of sustainability are put into practice through the techniques of creative reuse and upcycling.