A Roland for an Oliver presents an overview of most of the independent, non-commercial art spaces and projects in Basel. It forms an accessible orientation within the Basel art scene for national and international visitors alike, and at the same time, communicates its diversity.



ARTACHMENT is an exhibition space for contemporary art. Raphael Bottazzini initiated the not-for-profit project for young, active artists in 2007. The space is a small, 8 sqm former customs house. It is located on the outskirts of Basel, in Kleinhünigen, which is on the Swiss border to Germany and France. It was here that incoming goods were cleared for further transport by rail. (Dreiländereck CH, DE, FR / Swiss Rhine Ports).

Opening hours see website
Tram 8 or Bus 36 to Kleinhüningen

Hochbergerstrasse 160
4057 Basel


Philipp Brogli’s gallery Artstübli at Steinentorberg brings together the threads of the Swiss urban art scene. Since 2004 he has created a platform with Artstübli that depicts all contemporary facets of urban art and culture, from graffiti to street art. Artstübli became a gallery in 2014 and moved to a 125 sq m prime space in the circular buildings of Markthalle Basel. In addition to specially curated exhibitions, Brogli conveys and coordinates projects such as facade paintings, interior design and event appearances, but also guerrilla actions and interventions, right through to guided tours in public spaces.

Thu – Fri, 11 am – 6 pm
Sat, 2 – 6 pm
Tram 1, 2, 8 to Markthalle

Steinentorberg 28
4051 Basel
+41 (0)79 287 99 23

Ausstellungsraum Klingental / RANK

Ausstellungsraum Klingental presents contemporary art from the region of Basel. Through experimental exhibitions, international projects, events, and film nights, Ausstellungsraum Klingental provides a space for stimulating interaction. Founded in 1974, it is led by a periodically renewed team of dedicated artists and guest curators.

Opening hours see website
Tram 6, 8, 14, 15 or Bus 34 to Rheingasse
or Tram 8 to Kaserne

Temporary venue:
Kasernenstrasse 34
4058 Basel
+ 41 61 681 66 98


Beksam is a community centre founded in 2008 by immigrants from Anatolia. Involved in various projects concerning art and education, it organises or supports screenings, readings, and exhibitions, as well as language and music lessons. 

Mon – Sun, 1 – 6 pm
Tram 14 to Musical Theater

Oetlingerstrasse 189a
Entrance through the backyard
4057 Basel


BelleVue — Ort für Fotografie offers a well respected platform for contemporary photography, presenting the works of established photographers and young talent to a broad audience in its dedicated gallery. Structured as a not-for-profit society, it has 200 members, of which 30 help running the space as volunteers. Since 2012 we have been creating a diverse, exciting and ambitious programme of exhibitions and events for professionals as well as interested amateurs to realise their own projects within BelleVue’s framework.

Sat – Sun, 11 am – 5 pm
or by appointment
Bus 30 to Erasmusplatz
Tram 8 to Feldbergstrasse

Breisacherstrasse 50
Access through the backyard
4057 Basel

Benedikt Wyss

Benedikt Wyss is an independent curator and collaborator. He unites three initiatives based in Basel: the Kunstverein Deli Projects; an inclusive performance platform called Social Muscle Club; and the subversive annual soapbox happening Draisinenrennen. Wyss initiates exhibitions and events in private and public spaces, in order to (re-) discover them for new types of encounter: a cathedral, the river, railway tracks, the carnival, a house earmarked for demolition, a grand hotel, etc. In Basel, Wyss
has collaborated with Kunsthalle Basel, Museum Tinguely and SALTS Birsfelden, among others.

Benedikt Wyss is nomadic
Locations and opening hours see website


der TANK

der TANK is the exhibition space of the Art Institute at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design on the Campus of the Arts in Basel. This glass cube serves hospitality — an art form that is quite apart from those found in traditional project spaces, art institutions or galleries. A tank basin like this offers the opportunity to reflect in new and different ways on art practices today, and on how art gives shape to a space that is meant to provide a place for meditations on future notions of technology, life, materials, and commonality.

Open by appointment: email
Tram 11 to Freilager

Campus der Künste
Freilager-Platz / Pavillon
4142 Münchenstein/Basel


deuxpiece explores strategies and formats for producing, presenting and publishing emerging art. As a nomadic curatorial project, deuxpiece focuses on exchange and collaboration with local art spaces and initiatives in Basel and Berlin. deuxpiece are Alice Wilke, Bianca Hildenbrand-Severo, Stefanie Bringezu and Claire Hoffmann.

deuxpiece is a nomadic project
Locations and opening hours see website



DOCK is at once archive, discourse and art space from and with artists in Basel and its region. As a hybrid between showcase, meeting place and info point, DOCK creates an overview of a diverse, heterogenous, and densely populated art scene, and makes its experience accessible to a curious audience from the local district and beyond. Backbone to its operation are documentations and a digital archive of currently about 290 regional artists of different generations, genres and perspectives. Discussion panels and exhibitions bring together current themes and act as an interface between artists, professional audiences and the public.

Tue – Thu, 1:30 – 6:30 pm and by appointment
Tram 8 or Bus 30 to Feldbergstrasse

Klybeckstrasse 29
4057 Basel
+ 41 61 556 40 66

Dr. Kuckucks Labrador

We are an artist-curator-collective, collaborating since 2012. The regional network and mutual solidarity are important to us because artists grow together. Our goal is to break up hardened structures and at the same time seek new, productive paths, such as the meeting of Basel’s art-related project spaces, (sum), or the Cuckoo’s Nest, our international residency project. We are: Yolanda E. Natsch, Lysann König, Chris Hunter, Raphael Stucky, Sara & Natascha.

Opening hours see website
Tram 1, 2, 15 or Bus 31, 34, 38 to Wettsteinplatz

Dr. Kuckucks Labrador
Warteck pp, 2. Stock
Burgweg 7
4058 Basel


EG is never anything physical, even when it acquires a physical location. EG exists only in what takes shape and lives there.

The exhibition “Every Day” is on view every day, seven days a week, day and night, for an undetermined period of time
Tram 16 to Solothurnerstrasse

Pfeffingerstrasse 47
4053 Basel


FABRIKculture is a well connected project space in Hégenheim, France, close to Basel and the border, with over 30 artist studios nearby. We host 4 to 5 exhibitions a year, some of which are solo shows, presenting regional and experimental projects. All media are represented: from painting, photography, and installations right through to sound experiments, performances and internet art. Our exhibition rooms, occupying more than 1,000 sq m of a former textile factory, allow for extraordinary projects. Every year, we host a summer residence with international artists with the option of a subsequent on-site exhibition.

Sat – Sun, 11 am – 6 pm
Bus 31, 38 to Belforterstrasse, plus 20 mins on foot
Tram 6 to Allschwil, plus 25 mins on foot
Tram 3 to Burgfeldergrenze, plus 30 mins on foot

60 Rue de Bâle
68220 Hégenheim


FAQ is an art space, gallery and project venue. “Frequently Asked Questions” are the curatorial guideline for FAQ. Networks and low threshold public access are the framework for all activities at FAQ. The Now and its immediate pathway into the global consciousness of cyberspace form a core communication strategy for FAQ.

Fri, 2 – 6 pm
Tram 1, 3 to Burgfelderplatz

St. Johanns-Ring 133
4056 Basel


Filter4 is a former slow filter plant located on the Bruderholz in Basel. The site occupies an area of 1600 sqm. In addition to exhibitions, we present events featuring music, theatre and dance performances. These concerts are held within the spatial and thematic context of the exhibitions. 

Programme and opening hours see website
Tram 15, 16 to Bruderholz or Tram 16
to Jakobsberg or Hauensteinerstrasse

Entrance Reservoirstrasse
4059 Basel

Blumenrain 20
4051 Basel
T + 41 61 333 00 58
M + 41 76 395 51 26


Hardspace is an intermediate use project at Hardstrasse 43 in Basel that brings cultural events to a very quiet district. It focuses on inclusion and integrates a wide variety of people into the process: property owners, neighbours and local residents, journalists, visitors, and school children, as well as artists, musicians, curators, and other professionals from Basel and beyond. Concerts, exhibitions, theatre performances and lectures breathe new life into the empty factory hall.

Programme and opening hours see website
Tram 3, 14 to Hardstrasse
or tram 14 to Sevogelplatz

Hardstrasse 43
4052 Basel


Hebel_121 is a project space that offers artists the opportunity to develop and execute a site-specific work for the front part of the venue, with an exhibition of related works running concurrently in the back room. Two large street-facing display windows keep exhibits viewable to the public day and night. Since 1998, artist couple Göttin + Maise have presented international perspectives of concrete, constructive, conceptual and minimal art.
Partnership: Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art

Sat, 4 – 6 pm and by appointment
During Art Basel: daily from 4 pm onwards
Tram 1 to Burgfelderplatz or Kannenfeldplatz
Tram 3 to Burgfelderplatz
or Bus 31, 36, 38 to Metzerstrasse

Hebelstrasse 121
4056 Basel

H95 Raum für Kultur

H95 Raum für Kultur — an event venue and project space in Kleinbasel — has been enriching the cultural life of the city since 2006. In its special, warm atmosphere, it offers a diverse programme in various fields. Openness and spatial proximity allow for a direct encounter with musicians, dancers, performers, and people who are interested in the arts. The idea of collecting voluntary contributions instead of admission charges is that everyone, including those on a limited budget, should be able to experience events with highly qualified artists. The team compiles the programme, applications are welcome by email.

Programme and opening hours see website
Tram 14 to Brombacherstrasse

Horburgstrasse 95
4057 Basel


The smallest offspace in Basel. A miniature showcase to put varying works on display. The works are presented without title and left to the interpretation and reflections of the viewer. Discover a small universe behind the miniature showcase: niel-thaler.com

Permanently visible
Tram 6, 8, 11, 14, 15, 16 to Marktplatz

Gerbergasse 24
4001 Basel


Kaskadenkondensator is a performance project space for contemporary art, located on the second floor of the Warteck building near the River Rhine and Wettsteinplatz. Our programme is diverse and offers encounters with creative, audiovisual, representative, spatial and reflective practices in art and performance, acting together or informing each other. Often the works and productions are conceived as projects or models. We don’t want to accommodate performance, but highlight where and how it appears, negotiates and intervenes.

Opening hours see website
Tram 1, 2, 15 or Bus 31, 34, 38
to Wettsteinplatz

Burgweg 7
4058 Basel


A monthly series of concerts happening in Basel, Switzerland covering new music, contemporary jazz, free-improvisation, soundart and noise.

Programm siehe Website
8er Tram, 30er Bus bis Feldbergstrasse



kunsthallekleinbasel is an independent, self-supporting artist-run initiative. Founded in 2014, it was located at an inhabited apartment where over 40 one-day exhibitions took place, focusing on the presence of the artists and a collective experience. Since 2018 the initiative is based at a shared studio in the centre of Basel and hosts around 10 exhibitions a year.

Opening hours see website
Any tram to Barfüsserplatz or Theater

Steinenbachgässlein 13
4051 Basel

le ventre

Former synagogue Hégenheim. Close to Basel and beyond the border, le ventre is located in the French Alsace. It offers a space for residencies, experiments, presentations and various forms of discourse, such as symposiums and small festivals in the fields of visual art, music, performance, and other media. A place for transformation, le ventre is located in the old synagogue: the past is present, the walls have a voice; while little by little a soft renovation is taking shape.

Opening hours see website
By bicycle from Basel SBB central station in 20 – 25 minutes.
On foot from Allschwil Dorf (terminal station of tram 6) in 20 – 25 minutes

Ancienne Synagogue
4, rue d’Alsace
68220 Hégenheim

lotsremark Projekte

Founded in 2012 by Janine Stoll & Harald Kraemer. Since 2014 active also in Hong Kong. Projects, exhibitions and publications: Marcel Broodthaers, Adrian Falkner, Beat Feller, Fred Frith & Heike Liss, Robert Lettner, Samuel Adam Swope, Herbert Starek, George Steinmann / Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin / ISEA2016 Hong Kong / THE AGE OF EXPERIENCE Hong Kong / Wien / INTERVAL IN SPACE in cooperation with Fundaziun Nairs (Switzerland) and Osage Art Foundation (Hong Kong) with works by Zilla Leutenegger, Beat Feller, Matthias Liechti, Boris Rebetez, Judith Fegerl, Sarah Lai, Au Hoi Lam, Kingsley Ng, Nadim Abbas and Lee Kit.

Opening hours see website
Tram 8, 1 or 14 to Dreirosenbrücke

Klybeckstrasse 170
4057 Basel

OPEN Store

Der OPEN Store ist open für Untergrund Fanzines, ausgewählte Bücher, Mode, Events und Ausstellungen.

Tram 11 oder Bus 30 bis Johanniterbrücke, 2 min in Richtung St. Johanns-Tor

St. Johanns-Vorstadt 69
4056 Basel


palazzina versteht sich als Künstlerhaus und Ausstellungsraum zeitgenössischer Kunst. Wohnhaft sind in der Zwischennutzung sechs Künstler_innen, welche im Verlauf der Zeit in regelmässigen Abständen Ausstellungen organisieren. Jeweils werden zwei Künstler_innen eingeladen,  ihre Arbeiten zu präsentieren, zu experimentieren oder vor Ort zu kreieren. Dabei soll ein Raum für Dialoge zwischen regionalen und interregionalen Künstler_innen entstehen.

Öffnungszeiten siehe Website
Tram 1 oder 8 bis Zoo Bachletten

Schweizergasse 2
4054 Basel

Pataphysisches Institut Basel

O place of possible possibilities. Here for exchange and encounters. Defined as undefined. Open, or determinative after all? Pataphysical. Pataphysics is the science of imaginary solutions for nonexistent problems. We are interested in the intersection between vision and reality. Our base is the body of thought of pataphysics, invented by Alfred Jarry at the end of the 19th century. We collect artistic aspects and present them in a manner that corresponds to our own interpretation of a pataphysical, contemporary metamorphosis.

Opening hours see website
Tram 3, Bus 30 or 33 to Spalentor
Best reached by bicycle

Socinstrasse 7
4051 Basel

Pleasure Zone

Die Pleasure Zone ist ein nicht kommerzieller Ausstellungsraum, der im Sommer 2019 startet und der vorrangig weiblichen Künstlerinnen eine Plattform bieten möchte. Der Name leitet sich von dem im Basler Peepstore vorhandenen Erotik-Kino ab, welches als Ausstellungsraum genutzt wird.
Aktuell sind drei Ausstellungen geplant, von denen jede einen Sonntag lang offen haben wird. Das Programm wird organisiert von Till Langschied, der sich allerdings nicht als Kurator, sondern mehr als Gastgeber versteht. Die Künstlerinnen haben beim Entwickeln der Konzepte freie Hand und organisieren ihre Ausstellungen selbst.

Öffnungszeiten siehe Website
Alle Trams bis Barfüsserplatz oder Theater

Steinenbachgässlein 30
4051 Basel


Projektraum M54

Projektraum M54 provides a platform for regional and international artists. Through group and solo exhibitions, the programme aims to foster exchange and interaction between regional, national and international artists. Projektraum M54 offers exhibition opportunities for visarte members, as well as local artists.

Opening hours see website
During Art Basel: daily 2 – 8 pm
Tram 8 to Bläsiring
or Bus 30 to Feldbergstrasse

Mörsbergerstrasse 54
4057 Basel

Salon Mondial

The 135 sq m exhibition space Salon Mondial forms the centre of the first floor at Freilager-Platz 9. This classic white cube sometimes serves as a gallery, a as an event space or as a laboratory for new, unfinished, germinating work. The residency programme Atelier Mondial regularly presents group exhibitions of guest artists, as well as artists from the region who have been abroad as recipients of an Atelier Mondial grant.

Opening hours see website
Tram 11 to Freilager

Freilager-Platz 9
4142 Münchenstein


The art association SALTS supports young, international artists by helping them to realise exceptional projects. Unlike conventional exhibition spaces and their dynamics, SALTS promotes the creation of unique projects that are rooted in their site specificity: An old butcher’s shop, two converted garage boxes, a backyard and a large garden — situated on the River Birs, which separates Basel city from the rural canton Baselland — serve as the starting point for artists to respond with form and concept. SALTS is led by Samuel Leuenberger and co-curated by Elise Lammer, and regularly hosts guest curators.

Fri, 2 – 6 pm
Sat, 1 – 5 pm
and by appointment
Tram 3 to Bären
Access through the backyard

Hauptstrasse 12
4127 Birsfelden
+ 41 61 311 73 75


SURE*TU, hiess bis 2019 bblackboxx und wurde während zwölf Jahren als aufmüpfiger politischer Kunstraum bekannt. Die Fäden der Geschichte um diesen Ort, werden nun in einer neuen Besetzung und mit neuem Namen wieder aufgenommen und weiter gesponnen. Nebst dem NO BORDER CAFÉ wird insbesondere kulturellen Veranstaltungen Raum geben, welche von allen Menschen rund um SURE*TU besucht und mitgestaltet werden können. Dabei ist zentral, dass sich FLINT*- Personen und Menschen mit unterschiedlichen Vorder- und Hintergründen gleichermassen diesen Raum aneignen und davon Gebrauch machen können.

Öffnungszeiten siehe Facebook
Bus 36, 46 bis Signalstrasse oder lange Erlen, von dort ca. 12min Fussweg oder
Bus 30 bis Erlenmatt von dort 16min Fussweg

Freiburgerstrasse 36
4057 Basel

The Kitchen Aufderhoehe

Since 2013 Dawn and Johannes Nilo have held exhibitions and events at their apartment in Arlesheim. The Kitchen Aufderhoehe focuses on the continual transformation of private living and working spaces into an intimate public domain. Since 2018 the Kitchen has been focusing on developing strategies for coping with the digital colonization of mind and body.

Opening hours by appointment
Tram 10 to Arlesheim Dorf

Auf der Höhe 12
4144 Arlesheim

Villa Renata

Kunstraum Villa Renata was established in 2011. Originally conceived as a temporary site stop gap project, the villa today offers an exhibition space for contemporary art, focusing on a mix of emerging and established Swiss and international art practitioners. Many of the works relate directly to the spatial situation of the building, which was constructed in the tradition of the bourgeois architecture of the late 19th century.

Fri, 4 – 8 pm
Sat – Sun, 2 – 6 pm
Bus 30 or tram 3 to Spalentor
or bus 50 to Brausebad

Socinstrasse 16
4051 Basel


Founded in 2017, Voltage is like a current that unites art practitioners from varying fields under one atelier roof. Several times each year, Ana Vujic curates theme-specific exhibitions by external artists and links them with contemporary theoretical input and talks by art historians. Voltage is not a gallery, but a platform for topical, non-commercial art movements. We are always interested in collaborations with artists and other independent art spaces in Switzerland and abroad.

Opening hours see website
Tram 11 to Mülhauserstrasse

Mülhauserstrasse 48
4056 Basel


Im Weltraum wird der Austausch zwischen kulturinteressierten und kulturschaffenden Menschen aller Generationen gefördert und gepflegt. Forschende in verschiedenen Bereichen haben die Möglichkeit im Weltraum ihre Arbeit jenseits von gängigen Auswahlverfahren und Marktmechanismen einem interessierten Publikum zu präsentieren.Während ausgewählten Ereignissen wird von Vortragenden gekocht und in den Tafelrunden der Austausch auf informeller Ebene gepflegt. Der Weltraum funktioniert partizipativ und transdisziplinär und wurde 2015 vom Künstlerpaar stöckerselig gegründet. 

Öffnungszeiten siehe Website
Tram 14 bis St. Jakob oder Tram 10, 11 bis Dreispitz
Von der Tramhaltestelle St. Jakob und vom Dreispitz zu Fuss je 5 Min.

Auf dem Wolf 13
4052 Basel

White Frame

White Frame produces and curates exhibitions and screenings, offering artists greater visibility for their art. Established in 2011 in Basel, our non-profit nomadic association operates at the intersection of video art, cinema and photography. We strive to forge national and international networks and generate collaboration. We initiate and implement projects and facilitate exchange between Swiss and international artists, institutions, independent curators, festival programmers, writers and the public. 

White Frame is a nomadic project space
Locations and opening hours see website



Weil der ursprüngliche Projektraum der flatterschafft aufgelöst werden musste, gibt es seit diesem Jahr im Untergeschoss der flatterschafft den extra dafür umgebauten Raum für Events experimenteller, musikalischer Natur. Auch für Kunstausstellungen, vorwiegend im Bereich der Videokunst, öffnet der WURM nun sporadisch seine Türen.

Öffnungszeiten siehe Website
Tram 2, 6, 8, 10, 11
Bus 30, 50 Bis BHF SBB, dann ca 3 Min. zu Fuss

Solothurnerstrasse 4
(im 2. UG)
4053 Basel


1.1 is a non-commercial platform for young and emerging practices in art and music, founded in 2015 by Roberto Ronzani and Deborah Joyce Holman. Its usual output consists of periodic solo exhibitions at its exhibition space in Basel, concerts in collaboration with various venues in and outside of Switzerland, and other art forms that take place more sporadically, such as screenings and talks. 1.1 focuses on critically discursive approaches, although it is also interested in practices that situate themselves at the intersections of art and other fields, such as music and fashion.

Opening hours see website
Tram 16 or Bus 36, 37 to Leimgrubenweg
Tram 10, 11 to Dreispitz

Reinacherstrasse 105
Entrance Pragstrasse
4053 Basel