Dr. Kuckucks Labrador


The Dr. Kuckucks Labrador collective was founded in 2012 and consists of the artists and curators Chris Hunter, Lysann König, Yolanda E. Natsch, Raphael Stucky, Silvia Studerus (until 2015), and, having slightly changed its configuration, Sara & Natascha (since 2015). The group collectively organizes and runs up to four projects per year; each exhibition has at least one additional public event (performance evenings, concerts, workshops) in the supporting program. Under the motto “With the cake against the cake,” the focus is on art as a social practice, network building, sharing knowledge and skills, and various forms of collaboration, both with each other and with guest curators and exhibiting artists, partner institutions, and other projects and initiatives. Dr. Kuckucks Labrador develops new exhibition vehicles and is the founder of SUMME, the annual festival for independent art spaces and projects in the Basel region, held annually since 2015. The itinerant collective is based in Kasko and also runs projects and events in public spaces alongside those in less typical locations such as boxing clubs, bars, and cinemas.


Dr. Kuckucks Labrador

Atelier Lysann König + Chris Hunter
z.H. Dr. Kuckucks Labrador

Mörsbergerstrasse 54

4057 Basel



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