Haus Oslo Ateliers


The cooperative project Haus Oslo Ateliers was founded in 2017. It comprises a total of sixteen studios, and hosts around twenty events per year. Located in the middle of the Dreispitz area, on the border of Basel and M√ľnchenstein, its premises are in close proximity to the University of Art and Design (HGK), the House of Electronic Arts (HeK), Radio X, the Atelier Mondial, and various project and exhibition spaces. The main focus of the project is the promotion of free, professional, on-site art production. As a member of the collective IG Freilager-Platz, the team of Haus Oslo Ateliers is significantly involved in the development of the local area and scene from the perspective of artistic production, and together organize various events, such as exhibitions, flea markets, and open studios. Through the weekly lunchtime event "Meet&Eat," which is open to all tenants, friends, and members of the neighborhood, Haus Oslo Ateliers is committed to facilitating networking between its partner institutions and fostering the diverse connections among them. In addition to strengthening internal artistic bonds, these regular encounters, which are guided by the motto "From SOLO to OSLO," enable interesting interactions for all guests of the house, especially the guest artists of Atelier Mondial.


Haus Oslo Ateliers

Genossenschaft Haus Oslo Ateliers

Oslostrasse 10

4142 M√ľnchenstein

Opening hours:

see website and by appointment


Tram 11 to Freilager

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