Gerda Maise and Daniel Göttin have officially been running the Hebel_121 space together since 1998, inviting international artists to create temporary installations and interventions on the premises. There are five to six exhibitions annually, as well as five to ten publications and up to three events. The building at the intersection of Hebelstrasse and St. Johanns-Ring was once a bakery and was built at the turn of the century. With its showroom on the ground floor and two large display windows on the corner, the exhibitions are visible day and night. The focus is on close collaboration and communication with invited artists, mainly from non-institutional projects located abroad. Hebel_121 operates under the motto “maximal-minimal,” from both an ecological and an economic perspective.



Hebelstrasse 121

4056 Basel



Opening hours:

Sat, 4 – 6 pm and by appointment


Bus 50 to Kannenfeldplatz
Tram 1 to Burgfelder- or Kannenfeldplatz
Tram 3 to Burgfelderplatz
Bus 31, 36, 38 to Metzerstrasse

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