KASKO Raum für aktuelle Kunst, Performance und Vermittlung was founded in 1994, and is currently run by a twelve-member group of artists, mediators, curators, musicians, and organizers, all with different backgrounds and interests. The premises are located in Warteck PP, an old industrial building and former brewery that forms a complex inhabited by diverse tenants. KASKO views itself as an interdisciplinary art space. In addition to its own events, KASKO regularly hosts guest projects from all disciplines. Every year, various exhibitions, artist talks, and mediation projects take place there, as well as events of various other formats, including collaborations with external groups. At least five guest curatorial projects complement the annual program, which focuses on exchange, experimentation, and exploring an interest in new or renewable creative formats. KASKO, as a space, stands for approaches that are fundamentally playful and critical of the art market. It is a space from which actions can be carried into the city, and, at the same time, a place that offers opportunities for new friendships and entry into the Basel art scene. The team is committed to creating a space that is as barrier-free as possible, with flattened hierarchies and diverse opportunities for collaboration. In their view, the support of artists/groups in the realization of their ideas and projects is just as essential as local and international networking or active participation in cultural-political discourses. In this, they follow the famous proclamation from the feminist manifesto of great and respected artists: "Thinking alone is criminal."



Warteck PP

Burgweg 15

4058 Basel



Opening hours:

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Tram 1, 2, 15 or Bus 31, 34, 38

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