Launched in 2014 by the artist, curator, and art agent Jasmin Glaab in her own home in Kleinbasel, this project is both an exhibition space and a place of encounter. Glaab has led the project since then, with different projects being supported by other creatives in the cultural sector such as Tjefa Wegener (photographer), Ana Vujic (art historian), and Melanie Kuratli (artist). Since launch it has held five to ten exhibitions each year. In 2018, the initiative moved to the Gässli studio cooperative in Grossbasel. The kunsthallekleinbasel program features solo exhibitions by Swiss artists as well as regular exhibitions featuring international artists. The exhibitions usually last just a few days and are accompanied by a comprehensive supporting program with a diverse range of educational offerings, discussions, workshops, screenings, performances, concerts, and gastronomic events. Central to the project are the collaborations with photographers, art historians, and art educators, who provide professional support and make it possible to extensively document, discuss, and archive the numerous events.
Since 2014, kunsthallekleinbasel has produced over fifty exhibitions with more than one hundred active participants from the cultural sector. The resulting network is stimulated, maintained, and expanded via exhibitions, discussions, and other events. The initiative participates in international fairs and festivals for artist-run initiatives several times a year. The focus of these activities is on process-oriented, dynamic, temporary, and social spaces, as well as unconventional strategies, and networks that pursue, initiate, and document the creation, showing, and experience of art as a collaborative practice. The space provides a collective art experience and establishes an exchange of knowledge for all that is current, urgent, and possible.





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