Pataphysisches Institut Basel – PIB


The Pataphysisches Institut Basel (Pataphysical Institute Basel; PIB) was founded on April 1, 2013 and involves a changing number of people—anywhere from zero to infinity. The number of projects varies according to the number of requests and internal planning, but it always includes at least two events open to visitors, with exhibitions, performances, music, food, and encounters. The space is located in one of the last old inner courtyards of Basel, a former construction business in keeping with the character of the past two centuries. Pataphysics is the science of the particular: accordingly, the PIB’s focus is on approaching art through shared discoveries and experiences. The concept is fundamentally based on exchanging experiences with pataphysicists worldwide in the form of guest contributions and various collaborations, on swarming out and inviting people by word of mouth with a wonderfully patchwork result.


Pataphysisches Institut Basel – PIB

Socinstrasse 7

4051 Basel

Opening hours:

by appointment


Tram 3 or Bus 30 to Spalentor

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