Pilz Welle Lust


The project Pilz Welle Lust was initiated in mid-2020 and sees itself as an artwork by the collective Juice & Rispetta (juiceandrispetta.ch). The site is located on the grounds of the Klybeckareal. Characteristics of the space are a large window front and the specially laid injury protection floor. The name of the space defines its program. 2021 this is Mushroom Wave Lust – whereas in 2022 the project will explore new concepts and work on these topics in formats such as exhibitions, conferences and various dance events. Coming from the visual arts, collaborations are playing a crucial role. The self-proclaimed goal is to open up to all forms of knowledge and its mediation.


Pilz Welle Lust


Klybeckstrasse 141

4057 Basel



Opening hours:

by appointment


Tram 8 to Ciba

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