Voltage was founded in 2017 by artist and art historian Ana Vujić. It combines two different concepts under one roof: on the one hand, it functions as a studio community for artists from different fields; on the other hand, it serves as a space whose doors are opened twice a year for external artists, curators, and art mediators. In addition to Ana Vujić, the designer Tamara Riedel (Betonist), the musician Nik Schulz (Herr Herrli), and the graphic designer Simone Hörler are active members of the association. Voltage’s exhibitions are also supported by other professionals, as well as friends and acquaintances. The rooms of the studios are emptied for the exhibitions, so that the exhibiting artists can develop their work freely. In addition, courses and workshops in various creative fields take place regularly. Voltage finances the space, which was originally an old carpenter's workshop: its industrial aesthetic is still incorporated into the conception of exhibitions. The format of these exhibitions is that of a small festival, which begins at the gate entrance and then passes through the courtyard and into the exhibition space. Lively exchange between art disciplines, as well as exchange with the audience, is always in the foreground. Collaborations with curators, art mediators, and other “off-spaces” play a very central role.



Mülhauserstrasse 48

4056 Basel



Opening hours:

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Tram 11 to Mülhauserstrasse
or Tram 1 to Voltaplatz

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